Way of working

I like people, I like to work with them, and I respect their diversity.

I approach people with respect and take them as they are - for me that is the basis of my work. Also humour and a relaxed atmosphere are important to me, even in difficult discussions. Laughter unites and helps to look at the problem from a distance. This makes it easier to solve.

I work with systemic focus, the communication models by Prof. Schulz von Thun, transactional analysis and some tools from NLP.

What else...

I have always worked with enthusiasm and high intensity and then went through a burnout myself. Thanks to my wonderful family, friends and professional advice I was able to restart, strenghtened, and made the decision to go freelance.


I my free time, my family comes first, but my friends are also important to me. I love to read, love nature and am happy when riding and working with horses.


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Kontakt / Contact

Christiane Gäb
Christiane Gäb
Zum Meckelmoor 7 j
21614 Buxtehude
Tel +49 4161/8006949
Mobil +49 160/2169517
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