Profile / Vocational and specialist skills

Professional Experience

  • Interpreter / translator for English and French
  • European secretary
  • HR Senior Specialist (DGFP)
  • Certified Business Coach by dvct standard (CoaTrain)
  • Certified Mediator (Akademie von Hertel)
  • Training PEP® (according to Dr. Bohne): Process and Embodiment Focussed Psychology
  • PI (Predictive Index) Analyst and Trainer
  • 2 years interpreter / translator / executive secretary in a French controlled entity
  • 6 years HR Senior Specialist in an international trading company
  • 10 years HR Senior Specialist in a German insurance company
  • Member of the Board of Examiners of Stade Chamber of Commerce for the training courses Business Coach, Personnel Development and Project Management

Expertise and experience

  • Recruitment of professionals (from trainee to department heads) in the areas of sales, marketing, finance, human resources, logistics, manufacturing, engineeering, science
  • Personal counselling and coaching for professionals and managers
  • Management of national and international personnel projects
  • Interim personnel management in the Czech Republic (subsidiary trading company)
  • Change monitoring, coordination and improvement of human resources
  • Many years of experience in the analysis and assessment of the functioning of different organizations and corporate political trends

Kontakt / Contact

Christiane Gäb
Christiane Gäb
Zum Meckelmoor 7 j
21614 Buxtehude
Tel +49 4161/8006949
Mobil +49 160/2169517
Deutsch / German
Französisch / France