Conflict is part of life, whether at work or at home. Most people develop negative feelings just thinking about it. They often overlook, that improvements in our interaction can result from conflict.

Does your team have a conflict which now openly, or subtly, weakens their ability to work together?

Do you know two people whose opinions of each other are so set, that they are seemingly unable to find a way out?

Do you have team members who seem to have given up and don't participate anymore?

And the situation should stay like this...?

If you want to change something, then we should talk.

As a Mediator, I help the conflicting parties to approach and to speak to each other.

How does it work?

Through mediation, they get together at a table and have the opportunity to present their point of view and then to listen to the circumstances of the other party. They can talk about what's important to them and learn more about the motivation of the other party in relation to the conflict. In a constructive atmosphere, they will develop a common goal and cultivate creative solutions that will suit them.

I steer them with empathy and tirelessly through this process and thereby act from a neutral position: I am there to help and support both parties on equal terms.

With this, they can clarifiy confusing situations, speak out freely and build a new basis for working together. It may also be that they want to respectfully go separate ways - or find a new solution by themselves, that they presently cannot imagine.

What else is important?

The voluntary presence of all parties is crucial. They remain solely responsible for themselves and autonomous, they can be assured that everything discussed will be kept confidential.

The basis of my work is the European Code of Conduct for mediation.

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