Coaching and mediation in 3 languages



Is it time to talk? In coaching, we talk about you, how you can achieve your personal goals and find your new strategies.


My coaching enables you to better understand your situation, yours skills and your unused potential. This will help you to develop fresh energy, to reflect your actions and to explore new alternatives.


Together, we build a bridge to these new possibilities, to new behaviour and new methods of communication.


I accompany you until the bridge is complete. Then you are strong enough to cross it yourself - the goal is achieved.


In mediation, you reflect your conflicts alone or together with the other conflict parties.

  • The process is structured and controlled by me
  • You have the opportunity to explain your point of view
  • You listen to each other
  • You develop for yourselves the right solution for your situation

The topics we talk about in coaching or in mediation are as diverse as people themselves: You will find a selection here.


I help you consider you situation with the necessary detachment and assist the creation of a different perspective.


To do this I use my many years of professional experience in business human resources, my excellent French and English and my German-French intercultural skills.


I look forward to your call and a free of charge initial consultation.

Kontakt / Contact

Christiane Gäb
Christiane Gäb
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