Business Coaching

Have you taken on a new professional position and want to successfully master it?

You define your role and the demands placed on you. You will develop and discuss, for example, the priorities that you will face in the first 100 days. You then proceed consciously along a carefully planned route in your new position.

Are you in a management position for the first time?

You become aware of your potential and learn how to gain confidence in dealing with employees, supervisors and colleagues. You characterize your new role and define your future conduct. You analyse the strengths and weaknesses in your team.

Do you actually know ho you communicate?

You learn how you communicate today and how you can extend and improve your communication skills. You will practice new ways of communication and learn how to approach people empathically, confidently and with a positive attitude.

How do you deal with conflicts at work?

You identify the causes of conflict and understand why a certain situation occurred. You will develop alternatives for resolving conflicts and develop your ability to deal constructively with conflict.

How do you feel at the end of your working day? Are you tired, exhausted and out of energy?

In burnout prevention coaching, you analyse your motives and how you function as a person, boss or employee. You understand the demands you place on yourself and on others. You develop appropriate alternatives so that you can distance yourself from the problem. You learn to delegate tasks and concentrate on what is essential.

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